GPP Staff Advisors and Peer Advisors are available to meet with students both in-person and on Zoom to discuss any questions they have regarding the GPP Minor. Chetan Chowdhry, the Director of Student Programs, is the Lead Advisor and Jennifer Choi is the Lead Peer Advisor. The GPP Peer Advisors are undergraduate students who have completed a majority of the requirements for the GPP Minor, including the Practice Experience. They are a great resource to seek information about what the Minor entails, selecting a Practice Experience, course planning, and much more.

We encourage prospective students to meet with GPP Advisors before they apply to declare the Minor. Students declared in the Minor should check in regularly with the Advisors for guidance on ensuring regular progress towards completing the Minor.

We offer in-person and remote drop-in advising during Spring 2022:

Mon: 11am – 1pm (Remote)
Tue: 1pm – 4pm (Remote)
Wed: 11am – 1pm (Remote)
          2pm – 4pm (100H Blum Hall)
Thu: 1pm – 4pm (100H Blum Hall)

Fri: 11am – 1pm (Remote)

Email with any questions.

Meet the Advisors

Major: Environmental Economics and Policy

Year: Junior

Practice Experience: I am currently working with the student organization Sustainable Housing at California on the Tiny Housing in My Backyard (THIMBY) project to promote housing advocacy and provisions within the Bay Area. Our team has focused on community fundraising and coordinating with local governments, homelessness task forces, and other housing nonprofits to construct tiny houses for unhoused clients. In addition, I worked on grants and outreach to construction and building material companies to support the tiny house development process.

GPP Elective Courses Taken: Econ 133  (Global Inequality and Growth); History 133A (The History of American Capitalism)

Activities:Sustainable Housing at California, Undergraduate Academics Association, Berkeley Economic Review, MOVE AAPI Organizing Fellowship

About Me: Hello everyone! My name’s Jaide, and I’m a rising junior majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy. I’m originally from the Orange County (SoCal) area but have developed a strong appreciation for the Bay Area community through exploring and supporting local efforts in housing advocacy, racial and social justice, and environmental activism. As a part of the GPP program, I’ve had the opportunity to explore my interests in climate economics, development theory, and housing equity. In my free time, I can usually be found running/hiking around Fire Trails, playing tennis, or reading somewhere on campus. If you want to talk about GPP and nonprofit work or maybe just need some more book recommendations, feel free to drop by! Look forward to meeting everyone 🙂

Major: Molecular Environmental Biology

Year: Senior

Practice Experience: My practice experience took place virtually (with a few in-person protests at consul-general offices across SF) at the California Trade Justice Coalition. My organization acts as a facilitator, directing organizations with large memberships (unions, nonprofits, etc.) within and outside of our coalition towards initiatives to advocate for labor, environmental, and human rights in trade negotiations. So far, most of my work has focused on passing a TRIPS waiver to allow developing countries to access patented treatment and vaccine formulas so that they can produce them themselves and end the pandemic as soon as possible. My main tasks were to organize protests and webinars by researching and communicating with organizations, lobbying congress members, and maintaining our websites and social media.

GPP Elective Courses Taken: ENERES 160 (Climate Justice); SOCIOL 127 (Development and Globalization)

Activities: SNAPkids, AFX Dance, Tutoring at Amethod Schools (Past activities: Paper Crane, GBO leader, URAP)

About Me: Hello! My name is Madison Luzar (she/her), and I was born and raised in San Francisco. When I first came to Berkeley, I was convinced that the only way to help people was by becoming a physician, so I went down the premed path until I finished all of the prerequisites. I discovered this minor quite late–right before my third year–and decided last minute to add GPP 115. I ended up getting such a different perspective on the world I thought I knew and on my own future. I fell in love with it and had a blast doing my practice experience! Outside of the minor, I really love drawing and painting, dancing with my AFX team, trying cool foods, and exploring unexpected places. I am excited to hear your story and talk about the minor, tips to succeed at Berkeley, navigating clubs, or anything else you might be interested in!

Major: Conservation and Resource Studies

Year: Senior

Practice Experience: For my practice experience, I worked remotely as an intern in the Office of Sustainable Development within USAID’s Bureau for Africa (AFR/SD) for ten weeks. AFR/SD serves as a think tank for the Bureau and helps shape Agency and United States Government programs and policies in more than 40 countries. AFR/SD staff provide technical assistance to Africa Missions, undertake research and pilot activities to inform USAID Africa programs, and collaborate closely with other US Government agencies to respond to inquiries. As an intern, I drafted and sent summaries of recent program evaluations to relevant staff members, wrote articles for the weekly newsletter, attended meetings and agency-wide info sessions, and worked with staff to conduct research on budding agency processes.

GPP Elective Courses Taken: CYPLAN 115 (Urbanization in the Global South); ESPM 155AC (Sociology and Political Ecology of Afro-Food Systems)

Activities: ASUC Student Legal Clinic; Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program; Nigerian Student Association

About Me:  Hi! I’m Victoria, and I’m from Corona in Southern California. I’m a senior in the Conservation and Resource Studies major with an area of interest in Sustainable International Economic Development. I declared the GPP minor shortly after I transferred last fall, and it has exposed me to enlightening ideas and discussions that have greatly enriched my time here at Berkeley. I’m happy to talk with transfer students with concerns about declaring the minor, students worried about how to decide on a practice experience, as well as any other student with even the slightest interest in global poverty and international development. In my free time, I enjoy shopping in SF, creating overly specific playlists, and trying out new recipes. I’m very excited to be a GPP Peer Advisor this year, and I look forward to getting to know everyone. Feel free to ask me about anything and everything!

I spend far too much time reading fantasy novels, baking, playing music, exercising, and gardening. I advocate for an equitable and sustainable future for all people, and hope to find community work in my future careers. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with more GPP students about GPP, UC Berkeley, book recommendations, decolonial educational practices, or delicious food, so come say hi!

Major: Public Health, Molecular and Cell Biology 

Year: Senior

Practice Experience: My practice experience was with The Suitcase Clinic community. The Suitcase Clinic is a community-based student-run mutual-aid group that centers on creating community with and providing services for unhoused and low-income folks in the Berkeley/Bay Area. As a member of The Suitcase Clinic community, I primarily worked to lead street and encampment outreach, bringing various resources and necessities to people experiencing homelessness. Outside of outreach, I also worked on projects in advocacy and wellness from COVID-19 sweep and ticketing moratoriums, People’s Park, and Artists in Residence. The past three years being a member of The Suitcase Clinic has allowed me the opportunity to connect with a diverse array of advocates and humanitarians that continuously show me the importance of kindness, empathy, and community. 

GPP Elective Courses Taken: PUBPOL C103 (Wealth and Poverty); ASAMST 190 (Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Community Health); PBHLTH 150D (Introduction to Health Policy and Management); PBHLTH 150B (Human Health and the Environment in a Changing World); ASAMST 143AC (Asian American Health); UGBA 192MC (Management Consulting Skills for Social Impact)

Activities: Suitcase Clinic, Berkeley Outreach Coalition, Music in Healthcare and Wellness DeCal, 180 Degrees Consulting, East Asian Union 

About Me: Hello! My name is Austine (she/they), and I’m from Reno, Nevada. Having spent some time living in all regions of the United States as well as some years in Taiwan, I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Graduating from a performing arts school, I love music, art, and photography. During the pandemic, I’ve picked up gardening. I have a fluffy pupper named “Pok” and enjoy all things outdoors including hiking, swimming, and rock climbing. My professional interests lie at the intersection of healthcare, policy, and international affairs. I love all things social impact, and GPP has given me the lens from which to critically examine all my favorite nonprofit organizations and causes. So whether you want to discuss GPP, Berkeley, share your favorite floof pics, or just chat about life, please drop into my advising hours! Stay safe, stay hydrated, and see you soon! 

Major: Rhetoric

Year: Senior

Practice Experience: For my practice experience, I worked with EcoSwell, an environmental nonprofit organization located in the region of Talara, Peru. The organization works on many projects ranging from re-forestation to healthcare. During my time at EcoSwell, I was part of the NGO-management team. I had the opportunity to get some hands-on experience. My role consisted of interviewing and working with local artisanal fisher-men, NGO representatives, and various stakeholders of the locality to develop a committee to address and discuss future actions concerning issues of sustainable development, ecosystem protection and restoration, and social justice. I also worked translating legal documents, managing projects with other interns, and gathering data to meet requirements for Lobitos to apply for a Word Surf Reserve designation. 

GPP Elective Courses Taken: Will be taking in Spring 2022!

Activities: Skateboarding Instructor; Dog Owner 

About Me: Hello, y’all. My name is Diego Zevallos, and I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. I am a transfer student, and this is my senior year at Cal. I declared GPP minor last semester. I completed some of the prerequisites for the minor, including my PE. Yet, I still need to take some of the electives courses. Nonetheless, I am genuinely invested in the minor because I am concerned with addressing poverty, wealth, and inequality at a national and transnational level. I have various activities I enjoy during my time off. One of my favorite is to teach kids skateboarding lessons. I also enjoy outdoor activities, especially backpacking. I have been fortunate to travel to many parts of the world, which have shaped who I am today and how I perceive the world. My philosophy is simple: “treat others the way you want to be treated.” I love a good conversation, and I love to learn from others. So, please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I’ll be happy to provide you with information about the GPP minor, answer any questions you might have, or talk about anything. I look forward to meeting you! 

Major: Conservation and Resource Studies

Year: Senior 

Practice Experience: For my practice experience, I worked with the Bay Area food justice organization Food Shift. Food Shift focuses on reducing food waste, creating jobs, nourishing the community, and promoting equity in our food system. I did a combination of in-person and online work, helping on-site with food recovery, creating content for their social media, and working on newsletters. 

GPP Elective Courses Taken: AMERSTD 102 (Examining US Cultures in Place); ESPM 155AC (Sociology and Political Ecology of Agro-Food Systems)

Activities: Drop by advising if you want to know!

About Me: Hello! My name is Emma Zeko and I’m a fourth year CRS student focusing on global food systems. I’m originally from Ventura, California, and I’m still searching for a beach up here that can compete with SoCal! I’ve gotten to know Berkeley well in my three years here and love to spend my free time trying new restaurants, coffee shops, and hikes in the area (let me know if you have any recommendations!). Through GPP, I’ve continued to study injustices in our food system and explore the possible paths forward, both through my classes and my practice experience. I’ve taken as many food related classes as I can find and am happy to recommend classes for anyone interested in the field! Outside of school, I also love cooking and baking and am always looking for new recipes to try, so feel free to drop by and talk food (and GPP) with me!

Spring 2022 Drop-in Advising Schedule

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